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Classes in Kampil

The selection of the old classes delivered by Shri ShivBaba when he lived in Kampil, Uttar Pradesh India. These are old classes, considered as very powerful and satopradhan. The nectar of the Gita Knowledge.

Cass No. 1 Cass No. 2 Cass No. 3 Cass No 4 Cass No 5 Cass No. 35 Cass No 41 Cass No 42 Cass No. 43 Cass No 46 Cass  No.47 Cass No.48 Cass No. 53 Cass No 54 Cass No. 116 Cass No. 171 Cass No 188

last update: 23.07.2010

You may also use documents gathered in ShivBaba and His Knowledge

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