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Shri ShivBaba

Shri ShivBaba is one of the most revolutionary masters and teachers of the world, founder of Adhyatmik Ishwariya Vishvavidyalaya (AIVV). He is also an author of commentaries to the Sakar Murli, the Gita of the Confluence Age, in which he reveals astonishing knowledge about man and God, human world of creation, its beginning, middle and end, religious fathers and their role in the world, sacred scriptures, cultures, religious and thinking patterns.

His  students address him simply as ‘Baba’. This Hindi word is full of emotional meanings. It contains love, trust, devotion, faithfulness, honesty – all that is contained in the relationship between the child and the mother, the child and the father, the disciple and the master, the student and the teacher, the follower and the guide.  Shri ShivBaba’s residence is in Mount Abu, but between 1970-76 he was expelled from there by his students at that time, the Brahma Kumaris. Later on he resided in Kampil, Uttar Pradesh. He established there a spiritual gathering called AIVV that is a spiritual university, a spiritual hospital and a spiritual family. At the present time the central point of AIVV is located in Delhi and is called ‘Kashi Nagri’. The headquarter of AIVV is also in Delhi. Shri ShivBaba himself is traveling all the time in India in order to meet his students in all centers and schools of the Gita in the country.

In his classes Shri ShivBaba conveys the message that commonly accepted general assumptions and beliefs of today’s world are not true, they are based on blind faith and ignorance. The most important points of his teachings are:

  • God is not omnipresent.
  • All the human souls regardless of their religion enter the cycle of rebirths.
  • Krishna, Christ, Buddha, Shankar, Vishnu, Akhbar and any other human guru cannot be called God.
  • Shiva and Shankar are not the same.
  • Jesus and Christ are not the same.
  • Buddha and Shakyamuni are not the same.
  • Abram and Abraham are not the same.
  • Neither Jesus nor Christ can be called ‘Son of God’.
  • The religious fathers known in the history are humans.
  • The Ganges cannot be called the Sacred River that purifies the impure ones.
  • The cycle is not as long as it was written in the scriptures; there is one 5000-year cycle that is going to end very soon.

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